About Me & This Website


Hello, I'm Shawn, Shawn Shipp. I'm the creator of this website and author of its various stories. My first writing project was at 16 (I am not currently 16), on a novel titled "The Einjar". And while it is bad, it was officially published, therefore counting as the first of my works. Since then I have mostly worked on short stories. You can find further, more current, info of my goings ons on the Home page.

This website is a blend between a personal and professional website. While it is structured like, both in layout and CSS, a personal website; its primary goal is ultimately further my writing career. I host free stories here and my video projects (soon to come). I believe the best way to describe this site is as a creative portfolio.

Why Neocities?

I chose neocities as a place to host and build my website because I was dissatisfied with other "website builders" (if they can be called that). I tried tirelessly to use the few tools at my disposal to make the website I wanted. It was far too limiting. And once I migrated here I found that learning to code HTML and CSS was actually far easier than jumping through the hoops created by tools on "site builders" like wix. And learning how to code my own website gave me far more freedom.